16 Nov

Today is the International Day of Tolerance. But tolerance is frequently misused. Often it is expressed as condescending that the other exists. Barely acknowledging their presence.

Hardly the best starting point for (any type of) communication.

People come from different backgrounds. Each individual went (goes) through (sometimes very difficult) personal experiences. Cultural contexts are diverse. Social environments are unequal. And (unfortunately) traditionally marginalized people are still experiencing intolerance.

(Science) communication strategies can not be oblivious of all this. When devising our approach(es) we should really see who's on the other end of the dialogue. Listen to the concerns they have that might affect their uptake of our message. Observe their look on life. Embrace our differences and enrich our interaction accordingly.

(Science) communication comes in all sorts and shapes. The goal is always the same. Sharing.

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